Ready4Rescue introduces a new program to add value for prospective home sellers and buyers

Announcing Ready4Rescue’s


Ready 4 Rescue © provides an overview of a future home purchase by assessing 911 readiness before a need of an emergency call arises.

Receive 3D pictures with a written overview of possible obstructions to a 911 response. Small delays within the home may add up to minutes delaying responders getting to the patient.

Call or email Ready4Rescue to get the HERO service before purchasing your future home.

Ready4Rescue assist home buyers in critical decisions involving best practices within  home living environments for family safety and accident prevention.

Today’s homebuyer has assessed their immediate and future family needs when looking for a new home. They are a more educated buyer seeking the latest product offerings throughout the future home. It’s about ease of living within their space. Relaxed comfort with no worries.

One area often overlooked concerns future needs and situations as life happens unexpectedly;

such as medical needs:

What if in 5 -10 years a family member becomes disabled? 

Elder family members move in to recover from short or long term illness? 

Will the new home still be livable regarding physical needs ten or twenty years from now?

Is it possible to know those details today?


We help you, help responders during the purchasing process.
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Special Announcement

Ready4Rescue CEO, Cliff DeBaugh, has recently been certified as a Senior Home Safety Specialist (SHSS) by one of Americas’ leading senior products agencies, Age Safe America. 

Age Safe America’s Senior Home Safety Specialist certification and Ready4Rescue’s Home Emergency Readiness Overview blend two insights before you buy your new home. We assess the emergency responder side of accessibility and visibility of your home.

Real Estate Agents

H.E.R.O. helps

1. Create Long Term Value Add Feature
2. Stabilize Neighborhood
3. Generational awareness of 911 preparedness 

Ready4Rescue can assist buyers in the critical decisions involving best practices within the home living environment for family safety and accident prevention which in turn helps responders when entering the residence.

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