Beyond Home Safety is 911 Safety

We all want to be safe within our spaces at home. After all, our home is our castle. If you live in an apartment, condo, patio home, small or large house, mobile or manufactured home it’s all “home” to you.

Home Safety starts by adapting and preparing your home in advance of needing a 911 call. Ready4Rescue can assist you in preparing for a possible future event with our Home Emergency Readiness Overview (H.E.R.O.) of your homes’ features to assess the readiness for responders in an emergency.

The normal cycle of real estate is either a buyer or sellers market. Home safety for the savvy seller is essential as a value add feature to the home. By knowing how well prepared your potential home is for 911, your home has more value in the marketplace than a home that does not qualify as 911 “RescueReady”.

An educated buyer who considers a 911 prepared home is taking a step into a long term residence which is easy to move about, has life safety features, is low maintenance and may not need to be remodeled years down the road after an accidental fall or disability.

Ready4Rescue’s view is to offer a category of value plus items to improve your homes’ safety throughout ownership. Starting with the H.E.R.O. we offer a suite of additional services and cost effective products to decrease 911 response time, increase long term safety to the occupants to provide peace in the mind, peace in the heart and peace in the family.

Choices for additional safety within the residence are:

  • Home Introspection (H.I.) [Senior Home Safety Review]
  • Home Health Monitoring System
  • ReadyDataCard
  • Reflective House Numbers

One area often overlooked concerns future needs and situations as life happens unexpectedly

  • What if in 5 -10 years a family member becomes disabled?
  • Elder family members move in to recover from short or long term illness?
  • Will the new home still be livable regarding physical needs ten or twenty years from now?
  • Is it possible to know those details today?


We help you, help responders during the purchasing process.
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