Ready4Rescue is an outside look into your home before calling 911. When you think about it, you are actually calling 911 for a service call. The same as you would an electrician, plumber, or heating and air technician.

Only you’re NOT! The 911 call is to help save a life of a loved one in a time of crisis. You want service and want it now!

Ready4Rescue knows in today’s world, time between making a call and receiving treatment seems like an eternity. Time slows, anxiety increases and stress levels rise as seconds go by. Tic tock, tic tock. When are they going to arrive?

Let us relieve anxiety and stress by preparing you for a 911 call through our system of products and services to help you help responders.

Ready4Rescue is about time savings.







We save lives!

We provide information to create awareness, decrease response times, and save lives as a result. A growing concern within the emergency responder community, fire department and emergency rooms is lack of awareness or inaction by homeowners in a public crisis. Three main issues plaguing the emergency response community everyday are:

  • Home Address Identification
  • Lack of patient health information on scene
  • Emergency contacts, caretakers of children or disabled adults/children


We create solutions!

We have reviewed the process between a 911 call and when responders arrive to understand delays before reaching your home.

The next two pieces of the puzzle make a large difference in response time. First is your street sign. Be sure the street sign is reflected at night for responders and any visitors who may be looking for your home.

Second, house numbers are actually the first life saving device after calling 911. It is also where you, the homeowner, have control. We offer two styles of reflective house numbers with or without address frames.