General Information

What is Ready4Rescue’s Mission Statement?
“Giving life a second chance, when seconds count.”

What is Ready4Rescue’s purpose?
To save lives! We want to make homeowners aware of how they can help responders by making small changes within the home to save valuable seconds should a 911 emergency happen. For example: Larger visible house numbers can decrease response time.

Why does Ready4Rescue have to help before a 911 call?
People are unaware of what is needed in today’s modern society as to the impact of a 911 call. We help you become aware of what is going to happen before and after the call.

911 Response Awareness: What can I do in my home to save response time?
Use our free home inspection web app. This will give you a general idea as to what Proactive 911 readiness is about. For more information contact us at [email protected].

How do consumers know if Ready4Rescue’s information is accurate?
Our information is based on the home services industry (plumbers, HVAC, electricians, etc.) as a 911 call is a service call to your home. The interesting fact is the main delays for 911 are the same as any home service.

How do I tell Ready4Rescue my 911 story?
Send your 911 story to us at: [email protected].

How will the website information help me as a consumer?
The website is currently used to help get you, the consumer, to start thinking about the importance of preparation for an emergency response. Being ready helps decrease anxiety, response time, and create faster recovery.

How does Ready4Rescue support you with our mission?
We assist you with services and solutions to prepare for an emergency response call. Saving seconds adds to minutes possibly saving a life of a loved one.

Can I trust the offered solutions and accurate information to help responders before I make a call?
The solutions offered by responders who advise Ready4Rescue are general answers, not necessarily specific to your response area. We strongly suggest you contact whichever agency your question pertains to on their NON EMERGENCY phone number.

Is Ready4Rescue a membership?

Will I receive ongoing emails from Ready4Rescue?
We will send an email every 90 days to remind you to update any changes in your information.

Our Products

House Numbers: Why do I need reflective house numbers?
These reflective house numbers provide the most visibility for your home during day or night. Our house numbers are made from the same material as stop sign lettering. In house numbers bigger is better. Remember when deciding about your house number, those numbers are your first life saving device after you call 911!

How do they work?
Reflective material as no electricity required.

Are the house numbers weatherproof?
Yes, under all weather conditions. Remember to keep your numbers clear in case of snow.

How far away are the numbers visible?
Eight (8) inch numbers tested at least 100 feet plus with high beam headlights.

Are the house numbers breakable?
Our numbers will crack if mishandled.

ReadyDataCard: How does the ReadyDataCard work?
The card carries all of your personal health information in electronic form. Ninety percent (90%) of ambulances in California have computers with access to USB ports. In an emergency, a paramedic can use your data card to know how to treat you faster based on the information updated on the datacard. Faster treatment equals faster recovery.

Why should I carry a ReadyDataCard?
You never know when an emergency will happen. Your card is an added layer of protection in an emergency response.

Who should carry a ReadyDataCard?
We recommend each member of the family have their own ReadyDataCard, so there’s no confusion should there be multiple files on a single card.

Where should I carry it on my person?
Carry your ReadyDataCard next to your state ID, drivers license, or passport. So if you cannot speak for yourself in an emergency, your ID and the ReadyDataCard can.

What do I do when my health changes? How do I change my Personal Health Profile?
Simply login to your profile account and make the necessary changes. Your account is updated immediately.

How is my family or emergency contact notified in an emergency?
Notification happens usually from the hospital ER department. Different areas have different procedures, so check with your local hospitals’ information to be sure.

Does Ready4Rescue verify my emergency contacts?
Yes we do, as in the majority of cases, the emergency contact does not know they were designated as point of contact in an emergency.

What does Ready4Rescue do with your information?
We do not sell your information. We keep your information secure within our system.

How do we use your information?
Simply put, we don’t. We believe your information is yours.

Who has access to your information?
You are in control of your information. You may change it anytime your health information changes.

What if my ReadyDataCard gets damaged?
Notify Ready4Rescue and we can provide a free replacement.

What is included with my ReadyDataCard?
One year data storage with every card.

What if I lose my ReadyDataCard?
Login to your account from any internet connected device and change your password. Notify Ready4Rescue for a replacement card.

Am I notified about data storage renewal?
Yes, on the nearest quarterly email to your renewal date and again 30 days before, two weeks prior and day of renewal.

What if I don’t renew? What happens to my information?
Ready4Rescue keeps your information stored for 30 days. Then the information is archived.

Am I able to store any legal documents or Advance Life directives on the ReadyDataCard?
We currently do not offer this feature. However, this will be offered in a future upgrade of the ReadyDataCard.

Is my ReadyDataCard waterproof?