Home safety will keep you healthier, accident free and reduce 911 response time. It’s a decision we make subconsciously when we access our surroundings be it buying a home or out for a walk.

Home Safety can be looked at in several ways in today’s developing environment. We have the information to create awareness to correct or prevent your home from becoming an obstacle to long term aging in place.

It is Ready4Rescues’ heartfelt wish for all who visit our website to use this information to relieve fear, stress, and anxiety to provide a healthy, happy, loving and safe home environment for many years.

May we serve you well.

With Gratitude
Cliff DeBaugh

Safety Review

Our home is our castle till it’s not. An appliance breaks down or the toilet needs attention. So your home is invaded by repair personnel. It may be for a short time or longer than expected. 

Home safety to the rescue! By keeping your home safe money is actually saved in repair costs and lives, maybe yours. Most of us have worked in a building where safety protocols were given to us within the workplace. However, when work ends we go home to our castle and relax, have dinner, play with the kids without really thinking about “what if” situations.

This is where advanced proactive action gives you the edge. By preparing your home for the “what if’s” ahead of time, ease of mind is created. Now advance mentally in years into your late 60’s. 70’s or 80’s and how safe can your home be? Mobility changes with age as slowly we creep where we were once running down the hall. Home safety is about taking, knowing and preparing for the future. Now!

Our Home Safety Review will give you the insight to know where some of the mobility issues will be with our 70 point review, 3-D photos for reference and a checklist of suggested improvements for long term safety.

Saving lives by home safety? If you think about it, if you can move around your home easily, so can emergency responders. For more information on proactive 911 readiness take a look at our sister website ready4rescue.com.

Home Health Remote Monitoring System

Cliff DeBaugh developed a safety system starting with how to reduce 911 response time for homeowners with a proactive approach to emergency response calls. Furthering the suite of products within Home Safety resulted after caring for close friends for two years of learning the ropes of Senior care. The biggest goal to help seniors is preserving their independence and dignity to stay in their home.

By using the latest technology developed specifically for the needs of seniors and for those who have the privilege of caring for them the goal became easier. If you’re in San Joaquin, Stanislaus, Calaveras county or surrounding communities, call Cliff as your caregiver partner for Home Safety needs.

DISCLAIMER: We’re the local representative for Electronic Caregiver.

Why Electronic CareGiver?

Question: Why this company? What sets their products apart from other like companies?

Ready4Rescue Home Safety looks for quality, affordable solutions with ease of use for today’s senior needs. Electronic CareGiver (ECG) does exactly what you need in an emergency. So rest assured ECG will be there for you.

ECG has set itself apart from competition using location technology when you’re away from home with an emergency watch that keeps you connected to your system wherever you go.

Question: Could you explain about Electronic CareGiver?

Electronic Caregiver (ECG) is the most state of the art fall safety device on the market. This system does so much more than “I’ve fallen and I can’t get up.”

  1. It provides 8 times per day medication reminders
  2. 2x per day wellness checks
  3. Has a caregiver monitoring app to keep medical records current
  4. Notification of appointments
  5. Monitors for patient activity and locations
  6. Telemedicine service availability
  7. PocketMD availability
  8. Does automatic fall detection
  9. It is waterproof
  10. Uses AT&T 4G wireless and GPS satellites to triangulate your position

Everyone who receives your emergency call is a trained emergency medical dispatcher. Best yet, it is a US based company, with US based customer support! Visit us at electronicaregiver.com.

Our first meeting is over Zoom (healthy social distance) Visiting with you as to what your particular needs are in the present with a look as to future needs also. Once a decision is selected, installation date chosen we come to your house and activate the system and train you in its use…further separating us from the competition!