Perception & False Sense of Security

A comparison of two families.  In concept, complicated by years in life experience as their respective age difference is about 20-25 years.   I happen to still do in home service at various times to keep all this going.  So anyway, I’m in a new client’s home in a town not to far away.

Client one is about mid-forties with three children in a new home.  The parents have medical issues, one child is under two, others much older, probably early teens.  We are talking about their recent move and future work to be done on the home.  All is going well as they are happy to finally be done moving after the closing of escrow which took many weeks.  The school district is all they could hope for in the area.  They are relieved to be in a single story because of their medical issues.  The location suits them well.

I start mentioning how important house numbers are for emergency response, being found etc.  I have an audience paying attention.  They are taking in every word while asking questions about 911 call response.  This includes about quickly finding their new home.

I explain to them about reflective numbers or taking down the existing numbers and using clear reflective over coating.  They are happy about the information and will address the issue once settled in more to increase visibility.  Totally understood the message.

Client number two, totally different story.  They received a new mail box as a birthday gift.  In the installation replacing the old box the numbers are placed on the front of the box.  Visible only from, wait for it.. the front!!

The old box had numbers on the side (both sides) as they live on a very busy country road.  The numbers could be seen approaching from either direction to the home.  The new box receives mail quite well, as it was designed to do.  However, as an address marker, not so well.  You have to be right on top of the box to see the numbers.  Unfortunately, the house numbers are obstructed by foliage.  Again,  not uncommon in visibility issues.  I digress.

After speaking to the home owner I was informed they have a neck pendant if they fall and can’t get up.  You know the one.  Well, the owner stated “They know where I live”.  My only answer to create an awareness of their plight with the now obstructed house numbers was  “What about the new driver who has never been here before?”  I was not being a smart ass, I wanted her to think about the action of not being found and not blaming the responder.

This seemingly innocent event could be life threatening should an occurance happen as questioned above.  One of those small things we do that can potentially have life changing consequences.  In neither case above was there a thought above reflective house numbers for being visible at night for an emergency response.

We have got to change our perception about being found just because you can dial 911.  It is not completely true, unless you’re willing to assist as a homeowner in the process.  We have to be aware is as simple as I can express this important issue.