Humps.. Bumps & Undulations … Oh My!!

No matter what you call those lumps of asphalt across the street,  they all delay emergency response … to you!  Do you know the differences in the thought of slowing traffic?  If your city, or neighborhood group wants to slow traffic as it goes down your street, please find another way. DSC00442 DSC00441

A speed bump is higher and rounder than a speed hump which is a flatten speed bump and an undulation is usually two speed humps close together.  Different cities sometimes use measures to slow down cars without using these bone jarring, suspension system shattering devices.

During a 911 call anything used to slow traffic during non-emergency times obviously slows response when an event happens.

The average reduction in time per speed bump, hump or undulation is from 2-10 seconds depending on the equipment responding.

Then your home needs to be found.  That delay could be 15 seconds up to a couple minutes as your house number was not visible.  Oh, and this was in the daytime!  Now add in darkness.  The times increase as anxiety increases on both sides, responders and patient alike.  So your house was driven past.  Equipment needs to turn around, it all takes time.  Meanwhile your life is in the balance.

In speaking with responders, delays come in many forms.  This is only one.  What happens after the emergency crews arrive is up to you.  It’s how well you have prepared prior to calling 911.  In the coming weeks, months we’ll cover how you can be ready, how you can reduce the response time in your home.  It can be done with a little know how.  That’s what we do!